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Our Process

Our firm is dedicated to open and direct communication, building trust and seamless teamwork. Design is about more than looks; it’s about cohesiveness between the exterior and interior of the home, and the lifestyle of the homeowner. Our firm excels in bringing all of these elements together to give you the breathtaking end result you desire.

A-Design by Gustavo Arredondo, Inc. provides excellent and intelligent design for exterior, interior and landscape. Every design our firm takes on is much more than a project to us; it’s personal. Our goal is to create a resort-style retreat of comfort, fun and relaxation for you and your family.

Design Your Dream Home

Many people have dreams of the home they want but have trouble putting it all together. Let us help you take your visions and turn them into a palatial construction of immense scale and beauty. Our firm is a leading expert in interpreting your visions, desires and creating them for you so that nothing gets overlooked. When we know what you want we zealously get to work and it becomes our consuming passion to breathe life into your dream home.


Remodeling can be more intense that building a new home. It takes a great vision of incorporating what you have, what will be changed and how it will affect the integrity of the present structure. Our firm recognizes the additional stress that this can have on homeowners and works diligently to make it a seamless process. Remodeling should be a wonderful experience as you are enhancing your home. In order to accomplish this, our firm listens intently and keeps the lines of communication open. We don't want this to be a huge strain and our firm does its part to help you focus on your vision and making the dream of your home come to a reality.

3D Rendering

3D Rendering is an innovative tool that brings the vision of your dream home to life. Many people have a hard time envisioning what they want. 3D Rendering is a phenomenal way of making the vision real. From the exterior, landscaping and interior, you can see exactly what you want and watch your dreams laid out by our firm. This incredibly powerful tool at the helm of our firm hands displays the entire plan and guides the way to your dream home.


Our firm is well informed about the new trends and products. Our firm knows that your commercial building is a representation of your business. We deliver crisp, elegant and quality driven designs that will make you proud. Our firm commits to understanding the business, goals and vision. It is this understanding that guides the design process to fit the style and functionality necessary. The attention to detail and creativity will leave you in awe. The end result is an incredible building or structure that will leave you breathless.



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